Kellen Joseph Quinn on Relationships, Goals, & Music (Exclusive Interview)

Kellen Joseph Quinn is a young pop-artist based in Los Angeles. The talented singer-songwriter comes from a small town in Northern California and came to Los Angeles to go after his dreams. Earlier this month he released his debut single titled “Conditional” which was wonderfully produced by BlxckBx Productions. The song is lyrically emotional and the music has a very chill EDM pop vibe to it that suits Kellen’s voice quite perfectly. There’s a Peter Pan reference in the 2nd verse that is also really brilliant! We had the opportunity to ask him some questions (interview below)!

Stream the track here:

RTP: Was this song inspired by real events? If so, can you explain a bit of the back story?

KJQ: Definitely. The song is really close to my heart. I wrote it as a way for me to work through a wound. It’s about a relationship I had with another person who seemed to only be there for me when it was convenient for them. The song talks about how when someone is supposed to be there for you, there shouldn’t be strings attached.

RTP: What other artists are you most inspired by? Who do you think you sound similar to?

KJQ: Some artists that really inspire me are Gnash and Troye Sivan, another would Demi Lovato. I feel like the style I fall under is reminiscent of Gnash and Nick Jonas.

RTP: What do you see in the future for your career?

KJQ: I see myself hopefully breaking some barriers. I see myself touring and breaking into the mainstream pop world, continuing to show people that trans* people exist, through my music.


RTP: Are you working on anything right now? 

KJQ: I’m working on my EP! I’m finishing the final track this week, and I am also working on some exciting collabs that I can’t wait to share.

Kellen’s IG:

Kellen is featured on this playlist on Spotify as well:

Written by Ryan Cassata.

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