A Collection of Short Poems by Leo J. Elliott

A Collection of Poems by Leo J. Elliott

flyby closed minds
i know i’ll
change the world
if i try
i swear i’ll
spread love full-time
i’m on the path
of the sublime 

i don’t have a
mental illness
i have an
ill mentality
you hate on me
and my community
for breathing
and i’m not seething
i’m scheming
and plotting
yeah, the kids naughty
i piss on the society
fearing variety

i don’t wake up
in a cage
i’m saying,
can’t remember
what i sounded
like before
i shed a tear
when i first saw
my grown soul
in the mirror
i always knew
who i was
as a kid
was still here


Author Bio: I’m twenty-three years old, queer, and from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’m usually running around with my camera, drowning in writing, or at the local theatre. Poetry tends to come out of me, but in the end, I’ll be making and writing movies. The dream is to help get queer people represented in media much more than they already are. And I will.

INSTAGRAM: @mke.leo



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