Silver Linings, A Poem by Leo J. Elliott

Silver Linings – Leo J. Elliott

i’m lining my pockets
with silver linings
slowly learning to love
milky way’s timing
so i don’t cry
over spilt stars
i can’t get rid
of the dark
i always knew
from the start
it’s not
how it seems
life is
but a dream
catch me
climbing the
highest peaks
snatching every
cloud i see

Leo J. Elliott

Author Bio: I’m twenty-three years old, queer, and from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’m usually running around with my camera, drowning in writing, or at the local theatre. Poetry tends to come out of me, but in the end, I’ll be making and writing movies. The dream is to help get queer people represented in media much more than they already are. And I will.

INSTAGRAM: @mke.leo



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