‘Can’t Back Down’ by Sightline Heights Is Slow, Introspective Indie Rock

5 26 18 Sightline Heights.jpg‘Can’t Back Down’ by Sightline Heights is some slow, introspective alt-rock. The artist describes it as, “an alternative rock song about the unwavering desire to achieve what you want out of life despite any insecurities or setbacks that you experience along the way.” This “solo project of Philadelphia-based singer/songwriter Marc Eimer, who handles vocals and guitars,” was bolstered by, “Long-time friends Stephen Lorek and Dylan Mulcahy,” who “helped out on bass and drums respectively.” The solid, marching chord progression that defines this tune is well-crafted. On top of that, Eimer’s unique vocals provide a lot of character. He has kind of a whiny croon that really captures the emotional aesthetic he puts forward. Expect to hear more from these guys soon. Check out ‘Can’t Back Down’ below and the project’s debut EP which will be out in June.




Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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