Luiz Bruno’s ‘Mental’ Is an Honestly Modern Take on a Poppy New Wave Sound

11 1 18 Luiz Bruno.jpgLuiz Bruno’s ‘Mental’ is wonky psychedelic rock that takes clear cues from new wave and some more off-kilter developments in the world of pop. “The new songs combine psychedelic rock and 80s new wave influences,” the band says of their new album Everything’s Fine, “while the lyrics deal with the mind, shamanism, self-doubt, madness and other psychological issues that are very relevant in today’s anxiety-riddled modern world.” This lead single “was written in mid-2017 and is about feeling completely overwhelmed by the madness perceived in a world going through dark times.” These guys bring a lot to the table. They’re clearly well-rooted in their influences – most notably Devo – but they bring a sad, manic approach that cuts the sweetness of that approach really well. The lyrics are probably the highlight of the song. They’re vivid, clear and deeply relatable. This is a neat track from a cool project. Check out ‘Mental’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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