Angela Harris Sings Powerful Song about Depression (+ Playlist of Songs Relating to Mental Illnesses)

Music that tells a deep personal story is music that is worth celebrating. It takes courage for a songwriter to be completely open and vulnerable and sing about something that has personally effected them on a human level. Angela Harris sings with courage and strength on “I Want Them Gone” to deliver the world a song that is both emotionally intense and meaningful. The twangy country song is a true ballad about chronic depression, something that many people experiences but rarely get the opportunity to speak about it due to the stigma that mental illness has. The singer sings confidently about wanting to overcome the darkness that she experiences. Lyrically, it’s moving and empowering to anyone that is struggling with a mental illness. “I Want Them Gone” by Angela Harris will quickly become an anthem for anyone that is struggling with a mental illness.

Enjoy the powerful song on Spotify:

Find Angela Harris on Social Media:

More Resources & Support:

According to the World Health Organization, Mental Illness affects 1/4 people worldwide (source).

For more countries hotlines click here.

Written by Ryan Cassata

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