Quest of Life Broadcasts Top Songs of 2018

Quest of Life Media & Broadcast

2018 has been an exciting year. In February, Quest of Life Media & Broadcast nonprofit went live after 15 months of conversations on how we could best support the LGBT singer/songwriter/musician community. QLRadio, never a part of the plan in Feb. 2018, started broadcasting in March 2018.

As we wrap up 2018 QLRadio has had listeners from 23 countries around the world tuned in for over 600 listening hours. We could not be more proud of this and the exposure we are giving to a talented community of artists.

We are excited for our future and look forward to presenting more ways that we can support you in your pursuit of your passion.

With the launch of QLRadio, our library of music has exploded. Every year I do my Top 5. This year the choices are overwhelming. Within the next day or so you will have an opportunity to give…

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