Dive into the recent Grain Thief Record!

“A classic New England cowboy song about about a disgruntled plow driver. yeehaw!” – Grain Thief


We have been enjoying the 2018 Grain Thief record “Stardust Lodge” for the past couple weeks. Our favorite song off of the record is “Stateline Hills” as it tells the story of traveling and losing but still trying for success. Another song that we want to highlight from that record is called “Plough Man.” The song feels a bit more bluesy and is definitely quicker paced. The songwriting is driven by a fierce 5 piece string section that cuts on the record as serious yet still fun enough to dance to. This song contains many different string solos that really showcase the true talent of Grain Thief. Grain Thief is based in Boston, Mass and frequently tours around the United States. Enjoy the record “Stardust Lodge” on Spotify now:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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