Tommi Matos, Founder of Surreal Cuts Art & Apparel, Shares LGBTQ Inspired Art

My name is Tommi Matos. (Trans-male, He/Him) When I was a child, I discovered a passion for the arts. I give credit to Salvador Dali and Bob Ross for being my inspiration. I was always creating, and I hoped to have made a career out of it growing up. However, my career path wasn’t art in the form I thought it would be. I’ve worked many different jobs from being a massage therapist to a delivery driver, but it wasn’t until I became a Licensed Barber  that really reignited that passion I’ve always had. If it wasn’t for my love of barbering, Surreal Cuts brand wouldn’t exist. I came up with the name Surreal Cuts years ago before I knew it was going to turn into something bigger and more meaningful. I realized I could keep the name for clothing as the word “cuts” doesn’t just have to mean haircuts, but also cuts of cloth. Being apart of the LGBTQ+ community, it’s important for me to spread awareness and love so I’ve created designs that would target mainly our community while still being all inclusive in my work. We’re all Human, cut from the same cloth, and that’s what Surreal Cuts is all about; Being yourself no matter what and spreading good vibes. Be Human! Be Free! Be Yourself! Be Surreal!
Instagram @surreal_cuts
*All artwork/designs are originals

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