To be interviewed by RTP or to have your music reviewed or featured please submit via submit hub:


Contact is here: (please do not send music submissions to our email, only send music to submit-hub)

Photo Credits? Bands/Artists/Managers please send us photographers names directly on your submission if you want them to be credited! Thanks! (If you want a photo credit added please send it in your original submission thread)


After 5 years of running this blog anonymously we are now on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. Please follow us there too as we post there often!


If you want to guest blog please send us a submission about a live show you went to or an album you like. Guest bloggers are not paid. Include all photos and links. No Embeds. ONE GUEST BLOG PER PERSON/AGENCY PER MONTH UNLESS OTHERWISE WORKED OUT. Headline must say “Guest Blog.” We get too many emails to sort through them. Thank you for understanding.

Send to
Here’s an example of the perfect guest blog.


We will now start accepting poetry and art submissions! Please send to with caption “ART (or POETRY) SUBMISSION FROM…”

Thank you for the support!


5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I’m a young musician from Arizona who really loves your blog. It’d be amazing to get some traction, especially since I love your blog. It’d be great if you could check me out, you’d literally make my day and I’d probably scream. If you’d be willing I could do an online interview? Whatever works. Thanks 🙂

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