The Setbacks release “New London”

The Setbacks are a new two-piece band from New York consisting of Robert Milano and Stephen Baumgarten. They list their influences as: The Beatles, Oasis, Coldplay, and The Black Keys. The band has just released an EP called “Just Enough to Relieve the Stress.” The songwriting is the best part of this band. “New London” hooks the listener in the whole way through the song. It is filled with heartfelt emotion that is raw and eccentric talking about love. The drums complete the song perfectly giving it an epic pop-punk sort of feel. 

The Setbacks have two EP’s currently on the market: 
On We Go – Released 5.23.13 
Just Enough to Relieve the Stress – 8.16.13 

You can find the band on iTunes. 

Upcoming Gigs: 
Long Island – The Cup Coffee House – 12.21.13 



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