THEY FEED AT NIGHT-The Deprivation


Living in the bay area I hear so much good local music that I often forget that the rest of California has a wonderful DIY music scene. I was talking with a friend from the San Diego area who tipped me off to the death rock act They Feed At Night (TFAN) and their 2013 “Deprivation” EP. I saw the art and thought it was going be some “Aiden” type hot-topic act, but when I listened I found that I was blown away by a raging horror punk act. The guitar has an egyptian surf feel to it, but carries on with heavy bass and distortion. The vocals are insanely interesting and constantly wake the listener up in to a endless and consuming darkness that the listener at first fears, but then becomes indulgent of. The drumming is not only perfectly on time with the songs and well structured, but it is also extremely authentic and creative for punk influenced music. This is a great EP, and totally worth the 5$, however I feel that you have to listen to it for yourself to truly understand the intensity.

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