Jam for Diamond Dave’s 76-birthday at Mutiny Radio

The Common Thread Collective gathers for a jam for Diamond Dave’s 76th birthday. Diamond Dave is a San Francisco legend, an original beatnik arriving in San Francisco in 1957, a poet, and a very peaceful man. His life is celebrated by the Common Thread Collective, Mutiny Radio and all musicians, poets, artists, lovers and peace-makers. Happy Birthday, Diamond Dave!

This video features some San Francisco locals: The Thunderground Collective music group, Mark O’Harps, Nightmare Joey, Ariana Tibi, Ryan Cassata, Dirt, and many more. Enjoy this peaceful and uplifting jam!

“Don’t you panic, keep it organic!” – Diamond Dave

“We can do more together than any of us can do alone.” – Diamond Dave

The Common Thread Collective meets at Mutiny Radio Cafe every Friday at 3:30 to 5:30 for an incredible open mic & jam featuring local poets and musicians. Jam on!

“Mutiny Radio’s Diamond Dave Birthday Song 11.8.13 with Thunderground Collective, Occupy Veterans, Veterans for Peace, members of OccupySF, and many other friends. Recorded for Dave’s 76th Birthday! Happy Birthday Diamond Dave!
Mutiny Radio – http://pcrcollective.org
Thunderground Collective – http://www.thundergroundcollective.org” – OccupySFTV, youtube

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