These Knees release “The Young and the Bright”

Indie band, These Knees, led by singer-songwriter, Stephanie Trivison released an incredible indie-pop album called “The Young and the Bright.” This album is filled with hooks. Each song is well produced but not over-produced. This record was released in September on Bandcamp and is available for purchase. Stephanie’s vocal style is similar to Paramore but the music is very different. The singing is confident and strong and very easy to listen to. There are elements of rock, punk, pop-punk, and pop in the music but the singing is strictly pop vocals. All music and lyrics were written by Stephanie Trivison. “Break Science, Make Art” (track 4), has a melodic guitar solo that will blow listeners away! Enjoy this new record and please buy it to support indie music!

“The New Year” (track 6) is the perfect anthem for today!


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