DIY Superstar, Seth Corbin records & presses his own Album

Seth Corbin is a anti-folk singer-songwriter based in London, England (Yes! Seth’s got an awesome English accent). The cool thing about Seth Corbin is that Seth is completely DIY. Seth records original songs on an “old school” 16-track, creates original album artwork (with a sharpie marker), and presses CD’s at home. Seth says it’s a time consuming process but extremely worthwhile. Below Seth describes his process: 

At the moment I record everything in my folks’ attic on my Yamaha AW16G 16-track. I learnt how to record when I was about 16 at my granddad’s house. Avoided school ‘work experience’ at some crappy supermarket and worked at his house learning how to use recording equipment instead.


My recording procedure is really old school. I don’t use a computer and everything is done in a whole take – no cutting or pasting production – everything gets adjusted via my 16-track. 
Process of making the CD’s is: 

1. Buy blank CD’s and sleeves 
2. Make the CD’s covers 
3. Photo copy the covers 
4. Cut up the covers and put them into the sleeves 
5. Burn the track listings onto the CD’s using itunes 

It’s a time consuming but worthwhile process.”  

In the pictures below Seth Corbin is pressing 2011 LP “Songs to Eat Pizza and Cry To.” You can stream this record on bandcamp. 

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More recently Seth Corbin released a preview of upcoming EP titled “Why is Social Anxiety Ruining My Life and Why Am I Drinking So Much Beer?” that can be pre-ordered via bandcamp. There is one track you can stream on this EP to preview it before pre-ordering it. It’s called “The Alcohol Song.” This short but extremely catchy song discusses alcoholism. It’s a dark song that talks about a serious topic that many artists don’t dare talk about. The chorus is insanely hooky and I’m sure Seth will get the crowd singing along at upcoming live performances.  


August 22nd, 2014: Bohemia Hackney – London, UK (facebook event)

Visit Seth Corbin on facebook:


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