Interview with Copenhagen’s Jonas Rose

Jonas Rose is a singer-songwriter based in Copenhagen, Denmark. He plays most instruments and can also sing beautifully. He believes that he is most strong as a bass player. His songwriting must not fall far behind then. When Jonas plays a solo concert he plays acoustic guitar and sings. He brings effects pedals to create an ambient and airy sound. Rose says that he mostly writes love songs. Sæt dig” is the story of a distant lover. Jonas describes this song as a “plea.” He transcribes the Danish lyrics to “…sit down and spend a moment with me…”. Although American listeners may experience a language barrier, the emotions transcribe perfectly. You can feel the story through Rose’s soft vocals and soothing guitar strums.  


Kys mig hvis du tør” is a pop song about a boy “being in love with a Muslim guy” and “how being gay is kind of prohibited, but they don’t care.” Jonas says the song means “Kiss me if you dare.” This is the song that feels more “in your face” and less ambient.

Our favorite track is “Den Tynde Hud.” When asking “What is this song about?” Jonas answered “Hm…Good question!” After thinking for a moment he confesses: “…it’s about having been hurt and now lying at home unable to sleep, unable to go out because you’re too scared and unable to call the person you want with you the most, because that’s the person who hurt you.”


We highly recommend that you give this incredible indie artist a listen. You will be blown away by his harmonies and excellent guitar playing.
Below Jonas Rose covers “Without You” by David Guetta feat. Usher.

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