Cool Guy Project: Making Music to Save Lives

Caleb Rangel, age 18, of Somerset, Texas makes up the Cool Guy Project. His music consists of acoustic guitars and cute-boy vocals that will make all the girls and boys swoon. He lists his influences as Never shout Never, Silverstein, Panic! At The Disco, Mayday Parade, and Blink-182. His influences can definitely be heard in his songs but he still carries a unique unnamable factor. His dreams are to make love songs that everyone can hear and to let people know that they aren’t alone when it comes to bullying and hard times.

We asked Cool Guy what his favorite thing about playing music is. This is what he said: “Honestly helping others. I write about feelings and things that go on in the world, and when people themselves tell me ‘You saved my life’ or ‘My day went from bad to good’ Makes everything seem worth it. That is honestly my favorite thing about playing music. Is the Impact.

We really like Cool Guy Projects message and music and we hope that you do too.

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