Zoogma’s live performance video for their single ‘Molasses’ is now out and the tune is available for free download, on soundcloud, and via iTunes to pre order the EP.  This is a single from Zoogma’s forthcoming EP, ‘New Era’, which is being fully released late January.

Video – http://bit.ly/Molassesyt

Soundcloud – http://bit.ly/Molassessc

Download – http://zoogma.net/home/#music

Artwork – bit.ly/NewEraArt

​”Music is often like a time capsule. Listening to different records may remind us of specific place in time. It can often take you back to a particular moment in your life or paint a picture of events that you may not have actually experienced–yet feel as if you have. Our last three records all painted a picture of us at a certain time. Each of the three have allowed us to evolve into the band we are today by building on the past while looking ahead. Our latest EP, New Era, takes much of what we have done in the past with live instrumentation, sampling, and studio production and fuses the techniques together in a unified concept.” – Zoogma

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