Jersus – Lit Design

RTP: Who’s behind Jersus?

J: “Jeremy J Frank , a man who aint scared to strike fear in the hearts of people who truly get offended, i speak on behalf of all religious and minority groups”

RTP: How long did it take you to make this song and what program did you use?

J:  “I started working on the song in October. Ideas  started coming to me around the end of September when I took time away from working on this other song. i would follow this guy named Psychic Type who makes videos on how to teach trap but during the process I guess I stopped working on it and I didn’t apply any of this guys methods to Lit Design what so ever. Over the course of Lit Design my roommates inspired me along the way. My friend gave me packs with nice sounding Kicks and Snare and Uplifters Downlifters – all sorts of effects.

RTP: How long has Jersus been in existence?

J: “I came up with the name i suppose around April of last year. I went through a tough time in May, got kicked out of my house and sent to Hilo in Hawaii cause my mom thought i had anger issues. It was a very weird time they took everything i had from me even my drum sticks. it was the worst and i had a nervous breakdown cause i knew i didn’t belong there. An expression that stayed with my the whole time “don’t forget where you came from” saved my ass. I guess i learned a lot from my experience learned about a Inflammatory Diet, which included no caffeine no sugar, anything that wasn’t natural.

RTP: How long were you there for?

J: “2 Weeks. I couldn’t stand it. All they had was an Acoustic Guitar and some bongos which we were never allowed to play.”

RTP: Did you get back into music right away?

J: “In my mind – music is everywhere. i learned that a lot from pyramind on Folsom how we perceive sound in many ways. With headphones on and with headphones off, there’s a soundtrack for everywhere we go.”

RTP: Tell us more about your drumming career…

J: “I stuck with drums my whole life – been playing since 2008 got my first drum kit in 09 and my life changed forever musically. There’s no instrument like the drums, the feels. My drum teacher taught me the differences. A guitar you can strum but its hard to accent a timbre.”

RTP: Where can we find your music?


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