RTP: What’s this song about?

KS: It’s about being stuck in a situation where you can’t do what you love but accepting it because you know you’ll get there.

RTP: Is this a situation that you have been in?

KS: In high school I really wanted to just not do school and just make music but I needed to graduate in order to go to the city (San Francisco) and now I am here and it’s awesome.

RTP: You’re a street musician, where can people find you busking?

KS: Haight Street, Dolores Park, & Powell Street Station

RTP: What’s this song about?

KS: It’s about a girl that Emoney and I thought was hot.

RTP: How do you know Emoney?

KS: We grew up together in Sonoma, CA and I just came over to his house to play music one time and he thought that we should do a song together.

RTP: What’s your favorite thing about music?

KS: It’s ability to cross cultural lines and age lines and everything lines…and bring people together for a cause whether it be funny or serious.

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