Linday Kay Bravely Sings About Sexual Consent

Lindsay Kay shares a gorgeous sounding song called “Invited.” The songs talks about sexual consent in a very straight forward and brave way and is empowering to anyone that has been in a situation where they have been sexually assaulted or harassed. The song goes through many sexual and relationship boundaries that are important for people to be aware of. The song basically cries “Do not touch me unless I have told you that you can.” It’s an important message: “Get consent before you touch me.“ With the way things are coming out about sexual assault in the music and film industry right now this song is very important for everyone to hear and be empathetic towards. I think the song will inspire people to think before they act and ask for consent before touching another human.

She sings very calmly and beautifully but listeners can still tell she is strong and serious. It’s a great delivery because if she had delivered the song is an angry way perhaps listeners wouldn’t take what she is saying into consideration and they would just ignore it. The delivery is perfect to portray the message and it’s an extremely important message for everyone to hear right now and deeply consider. We love when people bring a strong political message about human rights into songs and Lindsay Kay did that flawlessly. We can’t wait to hear more from this talented and powerful artist!

This song is from Lindsay’s new project “For The Feminine By The Feminine”- it’s called “Invited” and it’s about consent in all its forms. The Feminine project is for all those folks who identify as feminine, or who want to be in touch with their feminine sensibilities. All the lyrics, production, mixing/mastering, artwork and marketing team identify as feminine and Lindsay plans to keep it that way.

Originally from Canada, Lindsay is a graduate of Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts where she studied Jazz Composition and Performance – and while jazz is an important part of her life – she’s been drawn to the folk side of things.

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