Sam Setton released “My City” today

Sam Setton teams up with HtPkt + Alexi. (remixing) for a cool electro pop track called “My City.” The track dropped today and it’s on fire! The instrumentation fits great with the vocal. The whole song flows together effortlessly. It’s about the feeling of being displaced when leaving the city you grew up in, and the feeling of belonging in your hometown. What sets this song apart is the fact that there is an electric guitar solo. The guitar solo blends in perfectly with the track and doesn’t stand out too much. It’s a hard thing to pull off in electronic music and Sam Setton did it perfectly. The song is very chill and filled with good vibes. It’s an amazing track for driving around and reminiscing about your hometown/city. The song is available for free download on soundcloud as of today.


Catch up with Sam:

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