The New Scene Kids on the Scene – L.I.F.T

L.I.F.T – or Love In Future Times – are a group of self described misfits, raised by the internet. The band skillfully combines rock music with hip-hop in a unique way. “Cassette Tapes” offers lead vocalist Austin Arthur, an outlet for his expressive voice. Ian Matthews, Jevin Lee, and @cameroncxde come together to create a stunning visual for a powerful song – an ode to L.I.F.T fans (or as they call them “Dead Kids”). Shot in one continuous shot, with band members on bikes being followed by a painted car, the misfit vibe is undeniable. Folks, we have reached the era where scene kids can be raised by the Internet and we’re not mad about it.

You can watch the stunning music video via YouTube:

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Guest Blog written by singer-songwriter @niko_storment (IG).

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