Jordy Searcy Preaches Love With Beautiful New Christian Song

With beautiful acoustic guitars and soft vocals Jordy Searcy croons a Christian themed song about who Jesus really is. The song is titled “Explaining Jesus.” He talks about the gay community in the opening line and then he talks about the oppression of women, many other topics follow. The hook in the song is “I’m sorry no one explained Jesus to you.“ The hook is followed my a short pause in the music and then a peaceful guitar riff, giving the listener time to let the lyrics sink in. Towards the middle of the track we get a taste of how well Jordy can sing. The song ends with a moving rendition of “Amazing Grace.”


I asked Jordy for some words on the songs and he told us this: “I think probably the biggest mistake that the church has made in the last 100 years has been the way they’ve treated the LGBT community. I feel pretty ashamed when I compare the way the church has treated that group of people, as opposed to how much Jesus loves them. I wanted this song to be an apology to lots of people, and very blatantly an apology to the LGBT community.”

“Explaining Jesus“ is a song off of his full length record titled “Dark In The City” which was released February 15th, 2018. Some other great songs off the record is “Love & War In Your Twenties” and “Dark In The City.” Each song on the record has amazing vocal melodies and hooks. The production of the album was perfect for Jordy Searcy’s songwriting style. It’s an incredible work from start to finish.

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