Conscious Hip-Hop Artist, Steve Benjamins Out With “Obscene”


Steve Benjamins is an artist who creates conscious hip hop. He started writing early at age 10 but was too shy to share his music until he reached age 26. Now that he has had the courage to release music he can’t stop. He’s released a colossal amount of material consisting of 4 EPs and 9 singles in just 5 years. The song “Obscene” is his latest release. The interesting song has both rap and melodic vocals. Steve wrote this song about his friend who is extremely angry. He didn’t write the song to celebrate the anger but to explore it and spread awareness about anger and human emotions.

Steve Benjamin’s says this about the writing on the song:

“I had a friend who was extremely angry. We tried to talk him down from his anger. We tried tried to reason with him. He couldn’t hear it though. He just kept repeating “I don’t give a fuck man, I don’t give a fuck.”

“I don’t give a fuck” is an interesting phrase. To me it hints at a extreme all-bets-are-off mentality. Anger was clouding my friend— it was all he could see and he didn’t care about what anyone else was saying. So I wanted to write a song about his anger.

I’m not trying to celebrate his anger. It wasn’t good or mature anger. But his kind of anger is certainly present in the world— so I wanted to explore it.”
You can stream the new track here:

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