Swedish Artist Hawk and The Wild with “The Wave”

Hawk and the Wild, from Västerås, Sweden, is the solo project of artist Jimmy Wiltfalk. Hawk and the Wild’s new single, The Wave, is an uplifting and feel-good song that demonstrates Wiltfalk’s ability to seamlessly blend multiple genres of music. While the structure of this track is very reminiscent of pop music, the overall feel can be better described as firmly planted in the realm of indie-folk. Furthermore, the focal point of this track is Wiltfalk’s vocals, which appropriately change to fit the dynamics of the transitions, and help to keep the music centered. The Wave was produced by Marko Vaunuveräjä, mastered by Dave Blackman of Hiltongrove Mastering, and released on March 8th, 2018.

Hear the song here:

Follow Hawk and the Wild on Social Media:

Written by John (IG: jawn_tawshus)

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