GUS is a High School Senior w/ Impressive Single “Roses”


“Roses” is the brilliant new song performed by young singer-songwriter/artist GUS. It was written by GUS and Robyn Dell’Unto. Robyn also produced the song and it is well done. The Toronto-based 17 year old singer-songwriter has a style that is quite developed for only being a senior in high school. His vocals are beautiful and the melodies fit perfectly with the music that is not over-produced but still fitting for pop radio! We expect big things for GUS and will be watching his career closely!

so tell me do you like my roses
I’ll pick a hundred more if you want them
tell me do you like white horses
cause I can paint them white
and tell me do you like pink diamonds
cause I could get them all, one more question
tell me why you like running off in the middle of the night

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