Band of the Day: Figurehead w. “Ear to Lend”


Figurehead is the great indie-rock band who just released their EP titled “All Worthwhile.” The band members have recently graduated high school and although they are young, they sound incredible and mature. We are expecting them to rise in the music industry over the next couple years.

On the track “Ear to Lend” – Matt Murphy’s vocals are unique yet still modern. The band sounds amazing together as if they have been practicing for ten years with each other. The song is packed with guitar riffs and great vocal melodies. The lyrics are easy for anyone to relate to as well. We can’t wait to watch this band rise!

“Our sound has evolved from Indie Rock/Shoegaze to a more Brit Pop/Pop Punk sound. The songs from the new EP are loads of fun to play live and watch people dance to.” – Matt Murphy.

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