From Conversion Therapy to Out in Billboard Mag, Ryan Cassata Sings About 1st 10 Yrs of Transition in “Daughter”

Ryan Cassata’s new song ‘Daughter’, which came out with a Billboard-featured music video on Wednesday, is a touching ode to the singer’s father. The simple, charming guitar chords in conjunction with Cassata’s unique voice is a great format for a strong message. Ryan, a Long Island native and longtime YouTuber, began his transition as a teenager. Although it certainly made him happier, as is often the case, Ryan’s family had a difficult time understanding and accepting this dramatic change. In particular, Ryan’s father really struggled with it. The message Cassata has embedded in ‘Daughter’ is that even though he is now a man, he will always be his father’s daughter. The song’s upbeat, positive lyrics will undoubtedly bolster the spirits of countless transitioning individuals and provides a clear reference point for what accepting yourself without rejecting your past looks like. Ryan, who has chosen not to go through hormone therapy, has a relatively high voice, but he truly sounds like a man when talks and sings. This just goes to show that identity is within – it’s not a function of one’s sexual biology at birth. Ryan’s success is an inspiration to all, but is a particularly uplifting victory for the often under-represented trans community.

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A sincere quote from a member of the trans community who is also a talented singer and was featured in Ryan Cassata’s new video:

“Despite Ryan forewarning that “Daughter” was emotional, I wasn’t prepared to choke back tears. Individual experiences vary, but our collective battle for authenticity, not subjugated to societal norms, is a painful struggle that binds many at a core level. Even if you don’t share his experience, I’m confident this song will make many listeners stop and feel something.”Baughleon, Trans Musician

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Read the Billboard interview here.

“Well, he did take me, when I was younger, to a therapist that tried to turn me back into a girl, and I don’t know if he knew that he was doing that or not. That was really scary for me, I was a young young teenager.” – Ryan Cassata from the Billboard Interview

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Written by Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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