Arkansas-raised Singer/Songwriter, Dave Daniel Brings Us Bluesy-Folk Song “Hey Lady”


Dave Daniel is a singer-songwriter from Arkansas who combines elements of blues, bluegrass, folk, and soul in his beautiful songs. He’s voice is smooth and soulful and greatly compliments his melodic electric guitar blues riffs. Dave’s uncles in Arkansas introduced him to the music styles that he has incorporated into his own music. His song “Hey Lady” from his 2018 album “Jingles, Shakes, and Boo” is a blues song that feels both jazzy and soulful all while capturing the spirit of the blues. Dave’s voice is much different than the stereotypical raspy blues sound and is a bit more folk in nature but still fits well over the track and sound. Towards the end is a riffy but tasteful guitar solo. His music is well produced and will definitely please all ears that are down with the blues.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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