Dakil’s Debut Release “Spend the Day” is Fire! (Exclusive Interview)

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Dakil is a SoCal-based singer-songwriter that uses ambient sounds fused with soft acoustic guitars and a melodic vocal with great vibrato. His vocal sound sounds like a combination of Zox, Peter Gabriel, Francis & The Lights and Mumford and Sons. “Spend The Day” is Dakil’s first original song release that uses string instruments like guitars and violins plus incredible vocals. The hook of the song is definitely contagious in both it’s melody and vocal style. This is an incredible sound for an artists first release – it’s extremely strong both in production (by Sean McKenzie) and writing. (Song & Interview below)

“Getting to know someone special by simply sacrificing their precious daylight, seeing through the looking glass into who they might actually be during the day.” – Dakil

Stream the song on Spotify:

Don’t have Spotify? The songs on YouTube as well…

We had the chance to ask Dakil some questions to learn more about his craft:

RTP: What instruments are you playing on the track?

D: Acoustic Guitar/Piano/7-String Ukulele/Bass/Drums/Violin

RTP: What other artists sounds did you pull from to create this song?

D: John Mayer/Fleet Foxes/ Ed Sheeran/ Chvrches/Damien Rice/The Beatles

RTP: Which artists do you list as your true inspirations?

D: John Mayer,/Two Door Cinema Club/St. Lucia/Frank Ocean/D’angelo/Ed Sheeran/The Beatles/N.W.A./The Strokes/ Fall Out Boy/ ABBA/ America/ Snoop Dogg/ Michael Jackson/Lady Gaga/Jimi Hendrix/ B.B. King/ Katy Perry and many more…

RTP: Any other news you’d like to share with the audience?

D: The album is called “Out of Nowhere” and it is going to be released to pretty much everywhere online (perhaps even vinyl) Releasing two singles a month A/B (the B-side is more of a bonus acoustic track) like the rap I also attached to the song page in another private soundcloud link. All the songs contrast from one another (especially the A vs B sides) but all seem to connect to one another showing how colorful on the inside individuals can be, not just one dull grayish color that maybe people often misinterpret or perceive.

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RTP: What inspired the lyrics of the song?

D: The best way I can describe what inspired “Spend the Day” is perhaps a hypothetical situation involving Batman and Catwoman getting to know each other as Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle (their true identities). Many people change during the day time. They have alter-egos, preparing to shift gears into the night. Where their day-self constructs the ‘cool’ version of themselves – sometimes subconsciously in a way they want people to perceive them. It could be their ‘Instagram-self’ that they want to demonstrate etc.. This song is about the reverse. Getting to know someone before they make that change. However, I also wanted to write a song that people can connect to in a positive way. Of something so pure as to sharing daylight with someone, something people can remember a loved one that they’ve shared beautiful moments with. Ironically, in no way does this song reference love so I would not consider this to be a love song. It was inspired by meeting a person and developing a deep connection with them off the night clock days before leaving Spain to return home to California.

Find Dakil on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dakil_/

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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