Jessie Standafer is Out & Proud w New Music Video “HIGH”

Jessie Standafer is a singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles who just dropped a great new music video for her song “HIGH.” The dance-pop track features some hip hop bits from the talented Alsace Carcione. Jessie has a passion for LGBTQ representation in music, calls herself a “musical activist” and has chosen to release this song for Lesbian Visibility Day. Jessie sings out and proud with a gorgeous voice on her new track! Check it out on YouTube:

“I am so excited & proud to share with you my newest music video, HIGH. We filmed this with an all female / LGBTQ crew + creative team in the streets of NYC, and it is very near and dear to my heart. This city that I love is an experience of intimacy within chaos, a lesson in finding peace even in the messiest of times. I think that is something that we are all learning to do right now. We are navigating some tough times; but together, we can get through it. My liberation is bound up in yours. May you be lifted, encouraged, & hopeful. Together, we can go high.” – Jessie Standafer


Music video presented by Jessie Standafer // a Kids on Rocks Productions

Director Kristina Teschner
Director of Photography April Maxey
Editor + Colorist Jessica Green
PA Bianca Cappolla
PA Caroline Collins
PA Candace Little
Hair Bennett Grey
Music + Lyrics Jessie Standafer + Alsace Carcione

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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