Tragedy Sparks a Beautiful Song by Lauren Dair and Members of Linkin Park


The song “Every Little Light” is a collaboration between 19 year-old singer-songwriter Lauren Dair and members of Linkin Park. Lauren Dair had won the Grand Prize for the Stagelight Monthly Music Contest II in July of 2017 and got the opportunity to record with the famous rock band. Talented singer-Lauren Dair found out that she had won the prestigious contest on July 19th, 2017, the next day Chester Bennington of Linkin Park had taken his own life. It was a great sorrow for music fans all over the world and Lauren’s song “Every Little Light” captures the feeling of depression that so many go through and sends out a strong message to listeners to keep fighting because everyone has a future. Listening to the lyrics and knowing that band members of Chester helped write, arrange, and produce this song with Lauren, will probably give you the chills and fill you with emotion. The song is a beautiful masterpiece and hopefully will be heard not only by people struggling with mental health issues but heard by everyone so they could better understand the people around them.

You can hear the recently released song on Spotify:

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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