Artist of the Day: Elina w/ Compelling Debut Single “Wild Enough”


ELINA is racking up Spotify plays on her new track “Wild Enough.” It’s no surprise that this track is almost to 1 million plays since April 20th, 2018. The song is not only breathtaking but it’s insanely catchy. It’s a song that will be stuck in your head for all the right reasons – a stunning vocal performance that lasts from start to finish, hooks that will make you want to sing along immediately, and a theme that is really fitting to many romantics that feel they aren’t good enough for someone they really love. The song is an acoustic performance of just vocals and piano, and it’s perfect just as it is. Hearing a remix would also be interesting, but it stands really well acoustically – the true test of what makes a great song. This bare bones track by Elina will be your new favorite song, starting right now…

Jam to this song now:

“I’m sweet wine but you just want whiskey.”

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