MOZIAH Releases Pop-Trap Banger!



MOZIAH is a young artist, college graduate, and talented musician. In early March he put out his debut single called “Can’t Stay In One Place.” He’s singing about the hustle of life, especially about being a college student who’s always working on something or doing something, but the vibe of the song is so chill and laid back that it could easily be the soundtrack to sipping a cold-mixed drink on the beach at some fancy island resort. MOZIAH had his musical roots in punk rock and has now made the switch to radio friendly music which goes to prove his talent as an artist that can easily adapt to what is current. Lyrically the song is brilliant, the vocals are wonderfully delivered with soul, and the content is relatable to anyone that’s done “the hustle.”

A quote from the artist:

“This song is very much about college, I noticed a lot more people around me hustle. Everyone’s constantly on the move … When I was writing the song, I was in that place.”

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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