Kathryn Berry Releases Addicting Song, Full Album Due Out Late 2018

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“So You’re Goin’ to California” by Kathryn Berry is a well written indie-rock song that tells a story most can relate to. Kathryn’s voice reminds us of a mix between Natalie Merchant, Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley), and Sheryl Crow and the echo on the chorus channels punk rock a bit too. The Canadian-singers vocals mesh perfectly with the guitar part, the drums are in the pocket and lift the song. It would be really great to hear an acoustic version of this song too. It’s clearly a well-written song that could stand the test of talent and be in its rawest form – guitar and vocals.

“My partner and I had been fighting for weeks (I can’t remember why, just the stresses of life…). My brother had invited me to his birthday and the date was yet another source of conflict between us. But I guess the whole storm of arguments leading up to the day made me just want to say, “fuck it all”, I’m going back to a time (in my head) when none of this mattered. So, I decided to just go with it and have fun for the night, wherever it took me. I stayed out all night with a random stranger. In truth, he was a perfect gentleman but the whole incident actually made my partner wake up and see me again. Or maybe I just felt attractive again and he saw in me what he’d loved from the start.” – Kathryn Berry

Kathryn Berry has been performing live in and around Montreal since 2014. She has also performed at benefit concerts/festivals for the Ottawa Hospital Foundation’s Breast Health Center and Bruce House, “a compassionate care organization that provides housing for individuals suffering from HIV and AIDs in Ottawa.”

Kathryn Berry will be releasing a full length record later this year! We can’t wait!

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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