We Can’t Stop Listening to “Midnight & Bourbon” by Ajaye Jardine

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Ajaye Jardine’s new song “Midnight & Bourbon” definitely has what it takes to be a country hit – the slide guitars, the acoustic softly strumming, and the perfect vocal. The song is a true blessing to country music, and really all music. Jardine’s vocal delivery is one of the most emotionally convincing vocal performances that we at Rock The Pigeon have ever heard. Every single note that Ajaye sings is bursting full of soul making it so impossible to pass by this legendary song. You’ll want to hear it again immediately because it wakes up emotion that was so repressed in your body. This song heals. The lyrics talk about a rough break-up that sting to the point of drinking and the ultimate sadness. Lyrically this is the type of song that is powerful enough to bring someone out of a slump and empower people to really believe that they deserve to be treated fairly. Hear it for yourself right now:

More info about Jardine: “Since her debut EP, the past two years have included professional breakthroughs for Ajaye Jardine. She was a Female Artist nominee consecutively for the BC Country Music Awards (2016 and 2017), she placed in the Top 10 of the 2016 Ole On the Spot, and in the Top 3 of the CCMA Spotlight Performance Contest – provincial segment. Ajaye Jardine has performed at the 2016 Calgary Stampede, 2016 SunFest, and alongside Steve Earle on Cayamo 2017. She released a collaboration of her signature track “Boots on Girl” featuring Aaron Grain of award winning trio The Washboard Union, and performed the song at the 2017 BC Country Awards Show.”

Click here to buy the song on iTunes! There’s also a 6 song record.

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