Anthony DeRoss Releases His Debut Song About the Struggle of Pursing His Dream


Anthony DeRoss’s debut song “Wrong Reasons” starts with a soft piano and a tasteful electric guitar riff to set a strong emotional tone. The song is about chasing his artistic dream and not wanting to live a life of going to a day job every day at “7am.” The song is bittersweet. At times it’s uplifting describing the drive to chase his true dream and what he believes is his destined path (to be an artist). At other times the song feels depressing especially with how it ends because it describes the feeling of being stuck in one place. “I’ve been wasting all this time not living…I’ve been living for the wrong reasons.” Anthony DeRoss has a gorgeous pop voice that would fit in with the likes of Maroon 5, Zayn Malik, and at times Bruno Mars when he’s doing a ballad. Anthony DeRoss is based in Staten Island, New York.

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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