A Collection of Short Poems & Haiku’s by Melissa T. Longo


Dear My Love:

Laugh, my love
but not unkindly
for I know, you are a soul worthy of happiness

At times, I sense, I hear, a sigh that you’re unwinding,
Weaving the thoughts from within, time to move onwards!

Swiss Army Heart:

The Swiss of my Heart
Knife through the Gut
Tattooed on my timeless Tongue
How tough, rough
It out

Slow Down, Discomfort:

Hold on Love,
The heaviness of the Universe
Isn’t the same as it used to be…


Waiting for the proclaimed, the introduction:
I announce you…a Poetess!”

May we celebrate the Arts even more…

Haikus of Another Time:

And isn’t it true…
That emotions, such emotions!
Deliver greatness – Agility!

Auxiliary Cord,
Entanglement chases –

Substances causes
Downright…Abscesses – obscene

About the Author:
Melissa T. Longo is a bookseller from a faraway land, avid reader, lover of East Asian Studies, and an intern at Poetry Street of Riverhead, LI. She’s from a beautiful family and is eternally grateful for her loved ones. Sometimes, you may see her appear at local open mics reading her original work.

You can always find her poetry at her Official Facebook page:

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