Meet MARKIWI – the Young Oregonian Using Art to Improve Mental Health

Markiwi  is a young artist from Oregon who creates with their hands while defying society. Markiwi’s art is extraordinarily captivating and moving to look at. Markiwi sent in 4 canvas pieces with descriptions! We hope you’ll enjoy these as much as we did!


This is a piece I did because I was inspired by my partner. She is a model and is not afraid to show her body in the name of art. As soon as I saw her photo, I envisioned THE HIGH PRIESTESS.


I created this piece when I was full of love and nothing but it. I wanted to show my partner how I saw her, full of mystic and awe. It represents how she has helped me grow more and more into a better person.



This one was done while I was in a Great Depression. I was treated like I was nothing in my last relationship and I couldn’t help but create this. It helped me in the moment.


This is a self portrait of myself, how I see myself. My depression that day was at a all time low and the only way to stay positive was to create this.


Markiwi has also released two books that are currently for sale!


“This is a self discovery, therapy through writing. These are thoughts from my very head, feelings from my heart. Faith in what I believe in. Please, do not take to heart of what is contained in this book. All art and photography in this book was created and shot by myself.” BUY IT HERE.

“Free thought writing I have done over a year and a half period of my experience with two lovers. This book shows my emotions and thoughts through that time period. My intentions are not to bad mouth those of my past lovers but to show how I felt during that time.” BUY IT HERE.

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