NEKOKAT is Keeping Emo Alive & Making the Genre Feel A Little More Fresh


Do you remember the great acts from the new-school-emo era? We totally miss that MySpace Era Emo sound blaring in our ears all the time! If you missed that sound too and want something a little more fresh, well you are in luck! NEKOKAT is the amazing side project of Jordan W (of The Ready Set), Cameron Walker (a The Ready Set collaborator) and Jess Bowen (of The Summer Set). The super-group does an excellent job mixing the sound of MySpace emo & pop-punk with hip indie rock in their new song “I Believe in What You Are.” The song was released today and more music is to come from these collaborators! This track is filled with excellent melodies, strong hooks and feel-good synthesizers. The drums keep the track upbeat and feelgood all the way through!

You’re going to love this track!

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