Southerlies Has That Feel-Good Country Vibe In Their Music


Southerlies new song “Runaways” comes in with a strong acoustic guitar riff. The band has a great country pop vibe to their music while also sounding a bit like 90’s pop-rock. The song feels upbeat and catchy and is loaded with emotion. The track changes chord progressions and melodies frequently which is the sign of some really great songwriting. It stays fresh throughout. The chorus is just as catchy as the pre-chorus and verse. “Runaways” could be the perfect song for driving on a long adventurous road trip or even hanging out with friends at the beach. Our favorite part of this song is the bluesy harmonica solo that comes in at the end which is followed by a great melodic guitar solo! Excellent songwriting and excellent performance by the entire band! We can’t wait to hear more and we’d sure love to catch Southerlies live show!

You can hear this epic jam on SoundCloud:

Written by Ryan Cassata

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