“Tidal Wave” is a Song About Transformation by Boston-based Artist Nico Rivers

Nico Rivers bridge_low.jpg

Nico Rivers is a singer-songwriter who began his career making basement records and performing in clubs in Boston. He eventually made the move to Los Angeles like many artists often do. He toured the country and he has recorded and written for other artists while in LA. Now he’s back in Boston making music. He’s gone through a lot of shifts and waves throughout his career and his new song “Tidal Wave” is a mirror of those changing paths. “I don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow.” Nico Rivers doesn’t come across as being upset about all the changes but he seems to be embracing them and enjoying the ride of life. The song feels like experimental rock during the verses and more like a pop-punk anthem during the chorus. It’s an extremely well written piece that will definitely get stuck in your head.

You can hear it and purchase it on bandcamp:

More ways to listen to his music:

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