Artist of the Day: Dead Blonde Girlfriend, The Last Rockstar


Joie Blaney is the punk rocker behind the stage name Dead Blonde Girlfriend. He has been releasing music for over a decade and has made an impact in the punk world. He plays acoustically at his live shows and brings a real punk rock attitude to each performance. Dead Blonde Girlfriend has just released “The Last Rockstar Volume 1” which is a collection of 11 songs that time in at 43 minutes. Most artists can’t together a full 40-minute LP these days, so it’s quite impressive that Joie is able to do Volume 1 but also is recording and will be releasing Volume’s 2 and 3 later this year. All of the songs on this incredible record are clearly driven by emotional real-life experiences.

Joie Blaney has a natural ability to write songs that are truly compelling and meaningful. It’s impossible to not feel the emotions that are put into these tracks. His passion, emotion, and faith are be heard in each song. If you love punk rock, you’re going to love this.

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RTP’s favorite song on the record is “Where Are You.” You can hear it on Spotify as well:

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