Hello Noon Shares Breathtaking Song Reminding All “That They Are Never Alone”

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Hello Noon is out with a beautiful ballad that will hit you directly in the heart. The title of the song is “Into Place” and the lyrics talk about having a friend that is lost and down but letting that friend know that they are not actually alone, they have a friend in you. I’m sure everyone has been there so this song is highly relatable to anyone. The piano combined with the fast strumming acoustic guitar gives the track an anthemic vibe to it. The vocals come across as extremely real and this is quite refreshing. It’s amazing to hear music that feels completely genuine. The music video is also worth watching as it features the band performing in cool locations and also really magnificent dancers.

“When you are in a dark place, it takes a support system to help you on your journey. “Into Place” is about reaching out to others, relating to their struggles, and helping them find the confidence to pursue their dreams. This song embodies our mission of being a positive energy in our community and reminding people that they are never alone.”Hello Noon

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Written by Ryan Cassata

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