Winning Streak’s ‘The Black Behind The Stars’ Is Retro Melodic Emocore

6 14 18 Winning StreakWinning Streak’s ‘The Black Behind The Stars’ is emotive melodic hardcore with a well-informed pop sensibility. The band consists of, “old friends who used to love fast melodic punk music and played it in high school. We just reunited over long-distance and after a decade to start writing new songs in the classic pop punk style.” It’s really surprising that this was recorded in one band member’s home, because the production on here is flawless. This group is a good reminder of the often undiscussed link between hardcore and pop punk. People in the scene like to pretend that Blink-182 just popped out of a major label’s ass one day but in reality, a wide, slow gradient exists between punk rock’s various subgenres. This is a gritty retro sound that will probably be new for the youngest generation of scenesters. These guys are quality musicians with a great approach. Check out ‘The Black Behind The Stars’ below!

Noah Zucker // IG – @zucker.n // Twitter – @zuckern13

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