Kai Nanfelt Releases Diverse Sounding EP Titled “Arrows”

Kai Nanfelt is a singer-songwriter based in Boston, MA who combines several genres in his music to create a sound that is truly unique. One song “Down For You” on his recently released EP titled “Arrows” is a fun summer anthem that talks about the adventures of a summer romance. The song is the perfect great song to send to someone that you are falling in deep for to let them know you are all in. The vocal melody is extremely catchy and the lyrics feel true which confirms the great songwriting talent of 21-year-old Kai Nanfelt.


Another song off of this EP is called “Wishful Drinking” and has a completely different vibe than “Down For You.” It features some excellent rap flow from Sky Gluck. The rap combined with the acoustic track makes for a truly emotional experience about lost love and destructive drinking.

This EP is definitely worth giving a listen to. There’s so many sounds on there and we are sure that something will catch your ear. Kai Nanfelt is definitely on our radar and we are excited to watch him rise!

Hear the EP on Spotify:

Follow Kai on Twitter: https://twitter.com/kainanfelt

You can hear “Down For You” and more songs with a similar vibe on this playlist!

Written by Ryan Cassata


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