Jesse Daniel is our Favorite Rebellious Country Star


Jesse Daniel is one of our favorite music discoveries here at Rock The Pigeon. He’s the talented singer-songwriter who combines the flavors of country, americana, folk, and rockabilly music to create something that feels reminiscent of an early time period but still feels fresh and exciting to the ears of music listeners, both young and old.

Today we wanted to take a moment to direct your attention to one of Daniel’s best songs titled “The Banker” which comes off his self-titled debut LP released May 26th, 2018. “The Banker” carries an old country vibe that feels quite authentic to the genre. Jesse Daniel has a soft yodel in his voice and tells a story in his music that is quite easy for listeners to follow. The song is made complete with a honky-tonk piano take and a gentle blues harmonica. One of our favorite lyrics from this song: “Money ain’t worth nothing when you’re dead.”

Take a listen to Jesse Daniel’s 10 song LP on Spotify:

More info on Jesse Daniel:

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