“Swamp” Blends a Classic Sound with Modern Innovation

a2397779603_5.jpgGrab a few friends, roll the windows down, turn the volume up, and go for a drive. That’s the best way to listen to “Swamp” by Grandpa Grew Trees, off of this Memphis-based band’s new self-titled album. The song quickly progresses from a classic smooth indie sound to 60’s psychedelic rock with a modern twist. With the infusion of atmospheric bubbling and a synth that would put John Lennon to shame, “Swamp” blends unique sounds that will make fans of any genre of music happy. The album artwork strongly reflects this song’s unique sound, featuring a blurred child in a grayscale that looks straight out of a family photo album and invokes the band’s name. The single is off of their self-titled LP released on August 1st, 2018. Enjoy it on Spotify:

“About Living in New Orleans and feeling stuck and sad and stuff.”
– Grandpa Grew Trees

One more way to listen: http://grandpagrewtrees.bandcamp.com

Written by Skylar Bauer
contact: sbauer24@capital.edu / skylars-portfolio.tumblr.com

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