Passenger Sings Soulfully on His Search for a “Heart to Love”

Passenger is out with a beautiful new song called “Heart To Love” paired with a simple music video to promote his upcoming album “Runaway” that’s due out August 31st. Passenger is known for his soft and soulful voice on songs that are filled with clever and meaningful lyrics that often deal with the topic of romance. “Heart To Love” combines Passenger’s classic sound with a lead melody and angelic harmonies that feel so pleasing to the ear that the song may become addicting to the listener. Rock the Pigeon is definitely hooked! The song covers a topic that almost every one of us will relate to…the quest for the perfect person to love.

“‘Heart to Love’ is a song I’ve tried to record a few times and for whatever reason it just wouldn’t work,” says Passenger, aka Brighton’s Mike Rosenberg. “Finally we’ve recorded it in a way that it sounds exciting and how I always imagined it. It’s a simple song really, about trying to find the right person, which is probably something that everyone can relate to.”

Passenger new.jpg

The music video was shot on the famous Vegas strip by Passenger’s collaborator Jarrad Seng. Passenger will release “Runaway” and go on a U.K. and North American Tour! Don’t miss the dates! Find out more here:

Written by singer-songwriter Ryan Cassata

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